Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bless Me Not (The Bad-Attitudes)

Lord, how can I pray for blessings
When blessed are the poor
And though I strive not for treasures on Earth
I'm always acquiring more

How can I pray for comfort
When you comfort they that mourn
But I'd rather pout and call it unfair
If you don't remove every thorn

Lord, Why would I pray for blessings
When blessed are the meek
Do you want them to think I'm afraid of a fight
I won't let them say that I'm weak

I hunger and thirst for your righteousness, Lord
But quickly I eat my fill
Then I can fast for days at a time
And never know want for a meal

Lord, you have shown me mercy
You have suffered a lot for my sake
But this life is hard and if I want to survive
I have to be willing to take

If blessed are the pure in heart
Then I am truly blessed
For though sometimes I forget how to act
My intentions are always the best

I will be called a child of God
And blessed as one who makes peace
I will make everyone admit I am right
And the fighting will certainly cease

And Lord, please let me suffer
Is that what you want me to say
How can I ask for your blessings
If you might choose to bless me this way

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is your mother's fault

This is your mother's fault... as are most of the best things in my life. She started blogging several months ago and loves it. She thinks best when sharing with others and is an excellent writer, so blogging is a natural hobby for her. In this way, I am her opposite. I prefer to work through thoughts in my head for a while before a discussion and am usually content to keep them to myself. Blogging never really appealed to me.
Then I read one of Kate's posts (the one about the cheetah) and I thought about you. I realized what a blessing it will be for you one day to be introduced to your mother as she is now. I realized that so much of who we are will change, and so many priceless moments will be forgotten before you are old enough to appreciate them.
So I am starting a blog. I doubt it will be of interest to anyone but you (maybe not even that), but I will attempt to share my thoughts, the events of our lives, and any fatherly wisdom I pick up along the way.
As I begin writing, Reuben, you are 4 months old, Katherine and I have been married 2 years 8 months, and the rest is yet to come.